How To Combat Elder Abuse

The way in which elderly adults are cared for has changed over the past few generations. Many older adults still “age in place” at home, with help from family or professional caregivers. But others receive care in assisted living residences, long-term care facilities and nursing homes. Unfortunately, not every caregiver has noble motives. Some may use their position of power to harm or exploit the people for whom they are supposed to be caring.

Law Office of Walter A. Twachtman, Jr., J.D., LL.M., LLC leverages our experience in elder law and estate planning to protect the rights and safety of older adults. Our founding lawyer, Walter A. Twachtman Jr., has practiced law in Connecticut for more than 50 years. His clients have praised his high integrity and the trustworthy counsel he provides in cases of suspected elder abuse.

Connecticut Laws On Elder Abuse

Connecticut takes abuse of adults over 60 seriously. Just as important, state laws have created a wide network of mandatory reporters of suspected abuse. There is a civil fine if a mandatory reporter does not report suspected abuse. If the failure to report is intentional, criminal charges may be pursued. Those who are required to report suspected elder abuse include:

  • Physicians and registered nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Nursing home administrators and anyone caring for people in nursing homes
  • Employees of community-based care providers such as adult day centers and home health care agencies
  • Financial agents who deal directly with older people’s finances or approve their transactions     

Finding Options For Better Care And Accountability

If you are concerned that your loved one is being injured or taken advantage of, our firm can help you investigate the situation. In cases of nursing home abuse, transfer to another facility can be arranged. A financial settlement may be negotiated to compensate the elderly person for his or her losses and suffering. Relatives who participate in elder abuse may be completely excluded from the loved one’s will. Criminal charges may be brought against an individual guilty of assault or fraud.

Every Elder Deserves Compassionate Care

If you suspect an older loved one is being harmed, contact Law Office of Walter A. Twachtman, Jr., J.D., LL.M., LLC. Our lead attorney will help you discover how to provide protection and demand accountability. Call 860-659-5657 or email our firm. We work with clients throughout Hartford County from our offices in Glastonbury.