Prepare For Aging’s Challenges With Elder Law Assistance

As members of the baby boom generation reach the age of 65 and beyond, the number of older adults with increasing care needs is ballooning. The children and other younger relatives of these elders often become partners in helping find solutions to the common challenges of aging, including increased physical frailty, loss of mental acuity and more challenges in managing their own day-to-day care.

Our lead attorney at Law Office of Walter A. Twachtman, Jr., J.D., LL.M., LLC has more than 50 years of experience practicing law in Connecticut. He has focused his law practice on elder law services and estate planning issues and added to his education to provide the best service possible to his clients. Our firm aims to provide compassionate elder care legal advice and innovative solutions to address your concerns.

Questions To Discuss With Family Before Your First Appointment

No two families have the exact same resources, support network or challenges. Before visiting with our elder law attorney, it can be useful to discuss the following questions with your family:

  • What are the desires and goals of our elderly loved ones? Aging in place? Moving to a care facility?
  • Do they own their residence or are they renting or still paying on a mortgage?
  • Have they already done any estate planning or have they drawn up advance medical directives?
  • Does a spouse or other loved one qualify as a military veteran or already receive income from the Department of Veterans Affairs?
  • Are any of their assets currently in a trust – which may mean they are not counted for purposes of Medicaid or other asset-based benefit programs?
  • If someone is already caring for the loved one, are there any suspicions of elder abuse — such as financial abuse by a family member — that must be addressed?
  • Are there any worries about nursing home negligence or evidence that the loved one has suffered from abandonment or institutional neglect?

Answering these questions can help Mr. Twachtman assess what documents will need to be created and what additional planning will need to happen to create a healthy and secure future for your loved ones.

Give Your Relatives The Gift Of Readiness

Many of the challenges of aging can be confronted successfully with thoughtful pre-planning. Call our office at 860-659-5657 or email our firm to arrange a consultation. We work with families across Hartford County, Connecticut, including those in Glastonbury and Manchester.